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What we do

Finding quality legal assistance can be hard. Having a laywer look at your problem thorouhghly may become costly very quickly. This puts certain areas of legal aid efefctively out of reach for many. Low-cost alternatives are too generic to truly capture your specific problem, leaving you with a sub-optimal result at best.

One of these areas is appealing to parking and traffic violations. As much as 5% of these fines are wrongful, but many do not get appealed as the process is too cumbersome or legal aid is more expensive than the fine itself. This is where appjections steps in, unlocking low-cost, high quality legal aid, tailored to a specific situation.
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By automating the intake, using AI and clever questioning, we can tailor an appeal in minutes. This keeps our cost at a minimum and the result fitted perfectly to your situation.
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Why we do this

We believe that everyone should make use of their legal rights. This is not always possible, because procedures are tiresome, the law seems to make sense only to lawyers and quality legal assistance is not always available.

This is why Appjection aims to automate legal aid, while still tailoring the solution to individual situations. In the Netherlands we have teamed up with partners sharing our vision such as ARAG legal services and LeasePlan.